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Volume 56. Number 3/2006

D. Byambasuren. Professor. “Mongolian economic requisites and some issues of orientations”
Mongolia has passed 15 years after transferring to new regime, and it’s facing an extremely important issue to decide a matter of existence or nonexistence. This is the development problem of economics.
Mongolia will Master of its own destiny and preserve its full power within short time if finds the development fate that best fits its needs and strong basic. If it fails to do this choice, it might put itself in the risk of becoming economically dependent on other nations.

D. Ganbat (Ph.D). Director of the Academy of Political Education “Democratic institution and Mongols’ estimation”
This research has been conducted in Mongolia twice in the framework of International survey titled “Asian barometer” under the theme “Democracy, Governance and Development”. The Academy of Political Education performs this research, and first research was conducted in the beginning 2003, and next – in May- June 2006. Some interesting survey findings are showed here.
D. Bold-Erdene. Sub-professor. Chief of Sector in charge of Politics of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of Academy of Sciences. “Some theoretical problems of Mongolian Democratic transformation”
At least should be suggested to the public an exact and real theoretical idea of further situation, pressing problems, features and peculiarities. Unfortunately, creative thinking and sensible and intellectual debate are missed in our country. Today there’re some regretting about boasting and bolstering that they’ve impulsively gone backward from Democracy. So, we have to define the interaction between present conditions, confronted issues and the reason of difficulties, to suggest the extraction and the solution in accordance with requirements and criterion of net researching without political cover, and also, to present it to public occasion.
S. Galbadrah (PhD), teacher of the Technological School of the Science and Technological University in Darkhan-Uul province. “Developing market economy’s relations, urgent problems”
Mongolia has passed quit a lot times after transferring from centrally planned economy to market economy’s relations. There have been given some indispensable problems of market economy relations and their developing in this article.
R. Bold. Researcher. “Discussing is the good method of conflict solving”
In recent times there are a lot of information: with next contents : “ Civil movements have a conflict with “Khukh Mongol”, “A conflict between demonstrators and policemen”, Movement changes into conflict” in the media. Hence, it’s clearly that some conflicts arise between institutions and groupings for definite problems. So one of the effective ways to solve and arrange any disagreements is to conferring and coming to an agreement between the opposition parts.
R. Bold. Researcher. “Human’s personal interests”
Interests is the human’s sense with willing to keep or change, and to reach something. This is not easy to apprehend like natural laws and phenomenon. Interests is subjective sense of actions with internal and exquisite reasons in connection between its action and internal relations. It means that an interests is the subjective part of the objective action.

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