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Volume 50. Number 1/2005

Doctor Bold Erdene “Origination of Politics Idea and its development levels, historical tradition”
He analysis the development processes of humankind politics ideas through leveling and compares the politics search and methodology of politics leveling. Also he deals especially with the developments process of humankind politics ideas, effect of traditional style, historical advantage and speciality.

Dr. Ganbat the administrative director of politics education academy “The aspect of the Constitution and some issues of politics change”
The Mongolia has the history of using transferring policy for market relationship and democracy started in 1989-1990, and it depended on the aspect of dual transferring policy to change fundamentally the relationship of social which was defined by the politics system of one party. One of the directions of dual transferring is purpose of economic change. And this is the advantage for the Mongolian economic capability and still deciding it through depending on the market principle. So then the purpose of politics change is directed for the independence of Mongolia and self-determined situation and it reflected individually in Constitution that will provide by the social system development which depended on democracy, human right and freedom.
Today we can think that the attention of royal has been more on the economic development than the politic development problems. In other words, according to the standpoint of the constitution the royal aspect about politics development problem is not have been over than the general philosophy. Also he wrote about the policy analysis hasn’t been qualified.
O. Mashbat the worker of Institute of Strategy Search “Strategy for changing the voting system: to effect the party system and type of the governing of parliament”.
To changing the voting system is not self-willed matter and this system is directly tied with parliament activity principle. In this article first we will discuss about how the present day politic system is been consisted and what kind of condition they come with now.
Then he criticized about the problem of changing the voting system and the version of establishing the two parties, the strategy of multi parties system.
Management Academy professor Kh. Gundsambuu and Management Academy Doctorate T. Gantumur’s book “Gravity of reaction shows from the inhabitants”
Within in the capital city and in the district, the uneven situation has been increased and moreover the distinguishing and finites are increased, the inhabitants of the city are divided into big and small groups of social. Then they representing and expressing their interest and demands and became an expression of reactions of many different kind of defiance, compass, reason and causes and positive or negative sides. If we show it by outlining and roughly:
The district inhabitants are consisted from independent and comparatively stable people: a) native inhabitants b) people who lived in the city a long time c) new inhabitants d) transferred inhabitants e) migrant people f) emigrants g) sensitive groups. We can divide their reactions and passives by generally and provisional situation for their characters as positive and negative, for their applicants as single and cooperative, for their gravity as conscious and flowing, for their location as apartments or Ger. Districts and etc…. Also they will be concur and resemble to each other, differ and odd from each other. Therefore we haven’t yet chance to deal with all of them one by one, so in this articles we outlined and pick up some of them.
Doctorate S.Galbadrakh the director of Management Development University in Darkhan-Uul province, A. Buyannemekh the teacher of Culture and Art University‘s book “The base of Mongolian Economic Zoning –Methodical problems”
The economic zoning is one of the fundamental beliefs of region economic science. The purpose of this article is deal with theory and methodology that confirmed the economic zoning and the present day problems of zoning. There are explorers who keep their estate that in the history of Mongolia the zoning problem always come up in certain ways. The Dr. Battsengel is noted /1997/ that this problem started from the period of Mongolian dynasty or the period when Great Mongolia is established. If we look it from the historical side, we can see that the Mongolians divided and organized their territory into 3-5 big provinces, because of their accommodation to the nature, environment with special peculiarity of the geography and for their development.

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